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Ningbo Shuangma Machinery Industry Co., Ltd

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BOLE Machinery hereinafter referred to as BOLE was founded in 1998 As a subsidiary of CHENGLU group BOLE is a high tech enterprises that focus on the research development and manufacture of precision machinery equipment It adopts the mode of technology from Germany made in China integrates design manufacture assembly testing and sales and provides complete and professional injection moulding devices for customers BOLE injection moulding machines are developed and directed by German experts The range of products covers nearly 100 specifications and 6 main series including high precision Two Platen DK series hydraulic servo EK S series full electric FE series carbon fiber products intelligent...

Categories and Products

EKH Series Injection Moulding Machine

EKH Large Volume Injection Moulding Machine

EK-S Series Injection Molding Machine

FE Standard Electrical Injection Moulding Machine

DK Two Platen Injection Moulding Machine

PET Series Injection Moulding Machine

PVC Series Injection Moulding Machine

Carbon-Fiber Products Intelligent Moulding Line

HK Injection Molding Machine

Other Plastic Injection Machine

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